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Proszę czekać, trwa wyszukiwanie... is a free platform for viewing and downloading multimedia files published over the Internet

We have a database of over 3,000,000 links, and every day our users adding new, together creating the largest collection of multimedia network data - an AIOP (All In One Place)
On this platform you can:
  • find, add and download files from sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, Wrzuta, DailyMotion, MegaVideo, RedTube, Plejada, Patrz, TVN and many more by our advanced method of scanning pages for multimedia data
  • no need to register and no paying for downloading files and using the service - the whole platform SCIAGAJ.ORG IS FREE! This distinguishes us from others!
  • create your whole collection of all movies and music usually placed at many different sites on the Internet, simply add your links to your favorites or create your own playlist with links - AIOP - All In One Place
  • see what is TOP on the Internet and watch/listen or download it

Just add a link by the "Add Link" or "Web Search" tabs at the top, so we do scan it and gave you the resulting links to have a watch/listen or download multimedia files.

We have also prepared special buttons (Addons and Extensions) for your favorite browser to add links much faster. Being on a page on the Internet just press the button and you will be redirected to our platform with the results of the scan and the ability to download the file or files. Links to the installation of the buttons are located in the upper right corner of our website and are marked with icons of various browsers.

We have also introduced the possibility of downloading music directly to your phone, simply send an SMS for the cheapest 1zł + VAT and we do the preparation (eg, format conversion, extracting sound track from movie clip, etc.) and we share a link to that file on the special WAP page on your phone . SMS codes are located on every page with a link to a file, you will find also more information such as how to properly configure the phone, what care, etc. [SMS Service is available only in Poland]

We hope you like the platform and we want to say that we are waiting also for your suggestions and ideas, we always like to introduce new functionality - this is a platform for you and created by our whole unique community!

Feel free to use! Best regards,


2014-12-30: Poprawiliśmy dodawanie i ściąganie plików z Miłego korzystania :-)

2014-12-28: Poprawiliśmy dodawanie i ściąganie plików z YouTube. Miłego korzystania :-)

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