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LS models outdoors 6 sets 2 videos

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2010-03-13 05:26
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1. [564.18 KB]/LS Star 016a/ls-star-016a-001.jpg
2. [508.79 KB]/LS Star 016a/ls-star-016a-002.jpg
3. [407.20 KB]/LS Star 016a/ls-star-016a-003.jpg
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Imagine waking up homeless in the street after trying to get some sleep
on the hard, cold cold ground 
(just what Jack Nicholson does in "Ironweed" 1987) ?

Makes you dream of nice hot summer days, right ?

There are so many serious problems: hatred, violence, unemployment, conflicts, 

famine/hunger, homeless people, war etc.

Why can't those hypocrite loudmouths, who are so upset because of these Happy
Beautiful Girls,
start doing something to those real problems instead ?
You can't "save" these Girls anyway - they are probably all adults by now, 
all still happy i wish.

Why can't they ? Of course i know why: It is not fashionable to talk about those real world big issues (when even "war on terror" has lost its appeal),
now all politicians/authorities are so keen on restricting freedom instead, your basic rights for a free internet for example. Now, that is very fashionable, and the common man is even brainwashed easily to believe that it is a good thing. Today i read in my local newspaper that Australia is going to introduce a "Black List" to make the web safe for them so they don't visit "harmful" websites anymore. A new trend to spread like bush fires elsewhere too ?
Most likely, so greetings to you Australians - soon you may not be able to visit TPB (among many others) you will get a black page instead (welcome back to the Dark
Middle Ages). A nice text will probably explain something like: "We protect you from dangerous webpages, the Plague, all for your safety alone".
Probably the fear of picture-viewers of little girls is causing that all too ?    

Enough talking, i'll cheer you up with BEACH GIRLS, fantastic Cuties in the Sun :

6 great big sets + 2 videos (yes, all outside, in the Sunshine).

LS Star 016a
LS Touch 018a
LS-island Issue 03 Midsummer Set 21
LS-island Issue 03 Midsummer Set 24
LS-Video 2000 v-46 Aliona
LS-Video 2000 v-48 Sophiya

May You All Be Happy !!

Enjoy !!

All my other LS etc uploads here:

Previews NN of all 6 sets (not videos):
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    2014-12-30: Poprawiliśmy dodawanie i ściąganie plików z Miłego korzystania :-)

    2014-12-28: Poprawiliśmy dodawanie i ściąganie plików z YouTube. Miłego korzystania :-)

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    Janek: niezła trzoda hahaha niby taka elegancja a samo kurestwo

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